Xiaomi MI 7 is ready to Launch

xioami mi 7

Xiaomi the Chinese Smartphone production company is heading to launch two new model of handsets. Informations regarding the news has been leaked  and the Xiaomi 6x model is on vision for people. More details about the MI 7 model is leaked along with the same.

Xiaomi 5x is launched in the year 2017 and 6x is after 5x. Xiaomi 5x is renamed and branded in India as Mi A1 and is imported as the android one set. It is to be noted that Xiaomi MI 7 will be the next target of the company and it will be implemented soon.

mi 7

The rumours are spreading that Mi 7 is going to get launched at MWC2018 and it has leaked from Naijatech which displayed the smartphones backside. The smartphone has the setup with dual camera at its rear end. LED is also accommodated along with that.

It is expected from the research that  the smart phone also supports the wireless charging. In addition to all the issues the front panel of the mobile is displayed by CNMO. Both the images depicts that the fingerprint option is featured in the design of the gadget. Similar to  Mi MIX 2 design this image depicts the thin bezel at the top and none at the bottom.

mi 7

Xiaomi announced earlier that the MI 7 model will be the first ever mobile featured with Qualcomm’s snapdragon 845 SoC. It is said that the mobile is featured with the face detector replacing the traditional way of scanning  the identity. The other image of Xiaomi 6X is displayed on the small blogging website called weibo which displays the back cover and the frond end to end display of the model.


This model has a hole in the middle portion of the back of the mobile which is doubted to be the fingerprint scanner. From the pic of the front design it is said to be in the size ratio of  18:9. As said earlier Mi 5X is renamed and branded as Mi A1 in india similarly Mi 6X could be renamed and branded as Mi A2. Mi 7 will be the great launch ever as it is predicted by the company. The rumours are spreading about many specifications about the mobile but the informations rumoured should be taken lightly.


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