What is Momo Challenge? Is it Hoax or Not?

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Momo Challenge: There’s a hacker behind the momo challenge. He is stealing all the details of a particular person and threatens that person. He sends messages to people on social media account such as Whatsapp, Facebook. He says to that person, “I have all the personal details and information about you. And do exactly what I say, or I’ll publish all the things in all social media”. The creepy account appears to be connected to three numbers in Japan, Mexico, and Columbia. If a user refuses to follow the game’s orders, Momo threatens them with violent images.

In the latest instance of social media wrongly influencing children and teens, the suicide of a 12-year-old girl in
Argentina is reportedly being linked to something called as the “MOMO CHALLENGE”.

Momo, Momo Challenge, Momo Game, Hacker, Momo Hacker, Suicide, Momo Suicide

Momo is a social media account on Whatsapp, Facebook, and YouTube, which is using the image of a horror artwork called Mother Bird by Link Factory to create curiosity among children, asking and challenging them to chat with an unknown number.

Click here to see the list of people who died because of this Momo Game.

As per cybercrime reports that the Momo challenge is nothing but a hoax which is planned for stealing information.

A few months before, there was a game that killed many people called “Blue Whale”. But the Blue Whale won’t hack any details about people. This game addicts all the people and gave some missions or tasks to complete. If they didn’t complete the task it punished those people. It controlled the people for a few weeks, then it gives the suicide task to kill themselves.


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