All Set To See His Rage | Vivegam Official Trailer Review


Vivegam is scheduled to hit the screens on August 24. The team has released its official trailer yesterday and it is definitely taking us to an entirely different level. Just a few hours past the release of the trailer, Vivegam trailer has crossed over a million views on YouTube.


Understanding the expectations of Thala fans, Editor Ruben has carved the teaser in such a way that it exerts a pull on the audience. Being an AK- 25 years movie, Vivegam has cast Ajith as the head of an anti- terror organization.


A few things that we predict from the trailer is that Vivek Oberoi, a rogue agent begins to search for his good old friend, Ajith. Vivegam marks as Vivek Oberoi’s first Tamil movie. The lady lead is played by Kajal Agarwal as Ajith’s wife. We aren’t able to guess what Akshara Hassan’s role is in the movie.


The main theme of the film seems to look like, Ajith who would move mountains with his self- confidence and courage. This not only depicts him in the movie but also, in reality, Thala would bounce back from a fall, in style.


The director S Siva recollects the day he began narrating Vivegam’s story line. This was when Thala was just recovering from his knee injury that he’s got in the sets of Vedhalam. Siva reveals that he has doubted Ajith’s health and how he would perform a series of stunts that the film has planned. Thala, with utmost dedication, moved an extra mile to get the six pack body. This is one of the factors that urges us to wait for August 24.


The trailer does complete justice in telling us why the movie crossed 100 crores for production. With Vetri as cinematographer and Anirudh’s music, this film has greater expectations that any other Ajith film. With glee our eyes, Thala, we are all set to see your rage! To know more news and updates regarding vivegam stay tune at

Official Vivegam Trailer 2017

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