Varma Vs Arjun Reddy Comparison

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Varma Vs Arjun Reddy: Here is the VarmaTeaser(Tamil film ) is out!!!  This creates the hype and curiosity of Arjun reddy in Tamil. In this Dhruv Vikram, Takes a debut lead role in this film. Already the first look creates a mixed thought in minds of Kollywood people.  Likewise yesterday the Varma teaser is launched by the Varma crew. The teaser is also a mixed feeling but the stuff is not like as an original one. The lead role will be assisted by the Dhruv Vikram, son of Vikram in Varma. The radhan is the music composer in this also as for the Arjun reddy. The Megha Choudary is also a debut in Kollywood role for heroin. There’s a traditional music smells in the background of the teaser.

The story is about the love breakup of a young man and then he another side of the personality which is of a passionate lover, marked by aggressive and impulsive behavior, is also shown in flashes. The one-minute long Varma teaser seems to attempt a frame-to-frame adaptation of Arjun Reddy with minor changes. Dhruv tries to look convincing in the lead role but needs to work more on his expressions. Megha’s performance looks a little underwhelming. Judging from the Varma teaser, seasonal actor Easwari Rao plays the mother of Varma. Actor Raiza Wilson of Bigg Boss Tamil has also played a key role in this film. Varma is no match for Arjun Reddy as it misses the pain that was portrayed exceptionally well by Vijay Deverakonda. Yet, there’s much to be hoped for, as director Bala is helming the film.

Varma Vs Arjun Reddy – Audience Teaser Review:

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