Donald Trump’s girl, Ivanka politely meets Narendra Modi


American president Donald Trump’s girl, Ivanka Trump just arrived at Shamshabad airplane terminal on Today(Nov 28) morning at around 3’o clock in Hyderabad. She was invited by Telangana ministers, authorities, US minister to Evanca Kenneth Gesert, Consul General Katherine Sans. In this way, she exited for a hotel in an exceptional vehicle. After around an hour she reached the Trident Hotel in Madhapur.


Note: At first, the administration would have liked to organize accommodation in the Falaknuma Palace and after that stay in security at Westin Hotel. Everyone envisioned that Ivanka remained in Westin until Monday. For the security reasons, America’s Secret Services changed their stay in their own particular style(Trident).


What is the plan, Today?

The Trident turned to the 5-hour schedule, in the evening 3’o clock, the second floor of the HICC will meet with Union Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj.

In Hyderabad, amid the season of the entry, an immense prohibition on game plans have been made. Our prime minister Narendra Modi additionally touches base in Hyderabad. Subsequent to opening the Metro prepare in Miyapur, the Prime Minister will achieve HICC by helicopter. Ivanka politely meets the Prime Minister.


Note: The Central Intelligence Bureau has issued notices that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Ivanka Trump will be the most cautious amid the visit. The last has been found on the hit list by the current IGS psychological militants. The Center cautioned that the two Targets in a similar place could be more careful than Chance.


What is the next day(Nov 29) plan?

After the dispatch of the World Industrialists Conference, Modi and Ivanka come to the Falaknuma Palace. Around 1500 representatives going to the Global Conference will be taken to Falaknuma Palace in 45 transports. On 29th, it will likewise partake in the Ivanka Summit and will leave Dubai during the evening.

Ivanka will go to a meeting in HICC on the morning of 29th and leave after 12’o clock toward the evening. It appears that the security powers are keeping mystery where she will go.

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