Top 10 new year messages to share with your loved one

new year messages

New Year Messages – A fresh New Year is once again upon us and could be a start off with new hopes and decision. It’s the time to be glad for the blessings of the past year and to require a stock of all our achievements. At a similar time, New Year 2018 could be a fresh year to begin afresh, to begin strong, and yet one more likely to try and do everything we wish to try and do this year.

One more thing, Use these Happy New Year messages to fill up beautiful cards and share these messages with email or whatsapp or social media. It is sure to exude your emotions.

new year messages

  1. As the New Year rings the bell I would like to thank you for making the year gone by a wonderful one being by my side, and I hope you will continue to do so in the days to come.
  2. This New Year I wish that you leave behind all angry feelings, fears, sadness, anger or regret and move on to make a fresh beginning that is full of brightness, joy, and party-like environment.
  3. I wish you a happy ending to the New Year even before the year begins for we all know that all is well when it ends well.
  4. I have sent some permanent guests for you – they are love, health, wealth and happiness – and made them promise that they would stay with you forever after.
  5. The New Year is neither a new beginning in our relationship nor the old year can take away the wonderful moments we have shared, but the New Year gives the opportunity to promise to strengthen our bond.
  6. My wish for the one I love this New Year is that may my love have the strength to protect her/him from every kind of darkness and sadness.
  7. Life gives us a few days – so it is up to you to fill it up with happiness and happiness – not just on New Year’s Day, but each of the 365 days of the upcoming year and beyond.
  8. As the clock rings the midnight hour this New Year’s Eve, may all your hopes and wishes turn into reality and may you reach for greater heights of success.
  9. I wish that each day of the New Year add some new value to your life and enrich you with pearls of experience.
  10. May the New Year present to you the key to open the treasure box of happiness and may you always hold on to the key with care.

And tell us What yours?


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