A Quick Review On Thala’s Vivegam Songs

vivegam songs

Vivegam has been yet another album in the combination of Thala and Anirudh. With hyped expectations to the keep up, the young musician has given us a musical treat of seven splendid songs. Vivegam songs are the most trending nowadays.



Thalai Viduthalai



Never Give up

Kaadhala Reprise

AK theme music


The song sung by Yogi B and Mali Manoj has doubled the expectation of the whole film. It was the first released single track giving an electrifying response. We bet the song is in everyone’s favorite playlists, at the moment. This is one of the most liked in Vivegam songs.

Thalai Viduthalai

Ajith fans went crazy when the second single track in Harish Swaminathan’s voice was released. Fans say that you cannot get to know the lyrics in a single go. Listen on repeat mode to grasp the exhilarating lyrics.


Kadhalaada has been slightly varied in genre than the earlier releases yet amused the crowd equally. Pradeep Kumar and Shashaa Tripathi have done a brilliant job with their scintillating voices. The beautiful love and emotions between spouses has been expressed in an extraordinary way.

AK Theme Music (Ready to Rage)

This song gives the audience a thunderstorm impact with amazing flavors rendered by distorted guitars, a bit of classical touch and percussions. Fans are already imagining Thala’s visuals with this music. We are sure it is going to be rocking!


After many days, here’s Thala with Anirudh giving us a motivational number that would be talked about for years. Poorvi Kautish and MM Manasi never failed to impress us with their vocals in this song.

Kadhalaada (Reprise)

You can connect emotionally with this song. Revisit the ages of ARR’s virgin 90’s musicals. Both the previous and the current versions of this song are filled with too much romance to handle.

Never Give Up

Anirudh who adds an English track to every album of his, has it done in Vivegam too! Rajakumari’s voice reminds us of Lady Kash and Krissy. The inspiring tune takes us to a different level with an international touch.

Vivegam’s musical album has received a lot of good responses over the air ever since its release. Anirudh truly knows the taste of a Thala fan!

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