Tamil Upcoming movies in october! – must watch it!!

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Tamil Upcoming movies in October 2018 to engage the Audience. There are about 5 films to be hit in this October.  Definitely, This month going to surprise the Tamil Audience. Already, Today Vijay Sethupathi film released in this month. The 96 movie which is a cute romantic love story. Which is starred by Vijay Sethupathi, Trisha Krishnan. This movie is directed by the C. Prem Kumar, which he was a cinematographer but he makes this film as a Debut director. This film was getting a good review from both critics and Audiences also.

Tamil Upcoming Movies in October:

On the date of 05, October there are 2 films are ready to release. One of the films is “Nota”. This  film is to be a political based film, and then the casting for this film was the Arjun reddy fame “Vijay Devarakonda”, Sathiyaraj are the playing the main role in this film. and then the music is composed by the Sam C S. On the same date, the movie “Ratchasan”, a pshyco thriller film. the director of this film is Ram Kumar and casting of this film is “Vishnu Vishal”, “Amala Paul” and others.

And then next upcoming movies are: October 12th, “Jarugandi” movie is expected to be released. the Dhanush’s ” Vada Chennai”  is yet getting ready to be released in the October 17th, 2018. there is a lot of expectations about this film because the director of this film is “Vetri Maran” and the music director for this film was “Santhosh Narayanan”.

On October 18th the Vishal’s “Sandakoli 2” going to be released. As a success of the first part of “Sandakoli 1”, Director Lingusamy is proceed to do the 2nd part and this movie contains a some of the star casts like “Raj Kiran”, “Keerthi Suresh”, ” Varu Lakshmi” and then the music director for this film is “Yuvan Shankar Raja” as it’s in the previous part. so, this October will be a terrifying month this year.


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