Top 10 Flagship Smartphones!!! – Take a look

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Top 10 Flagship Smartphones!!! – Take a look Huawei mate 20 pro:     This is the phone which now launched by the Huawei company this month. This will be complete with an all the Flagship Smartphones. The Huawei uses their own chipset for a smartphone. This phone comes with a Kirin silicon 980 which is manufactured in a 7Nm process (likewise of Apple’s A12 bionic chipset). These come with two neutral processing units and then LTE cat.21 modem. This phone comes with a triple camera sensors consists of 40mp,20mp,…

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Comparison between One Plus 6 and One Plus 6T

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The one plus is the mobile manufacturer which is giving an awesome flagship phone at reasonable costs. The One plus will make a worthy product for the money. They will give awesome specifications and software in their budget. the one plus has also released the new product and a few months later they will be releasing the T-gration phones. Likewise, they released a new phone has released yesterday called one plus 6T. Already, the new one plus 6 has a very good response from the users. Yesterday, the new phone which is…

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Oneplus 6T launched – price,specification,features!!

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The one plus has a huge market in India. They are gradually increasing their shares and market of their smartphones in the Indian market. so, they latest released smartphone is oneplus6. Already, all the models of one plus will get an updated version of the existing model and then they will name it as a model name. likewise, this one plus 6 also get an update version Oneplus 6T has been launched yesterday. This Oneplus 6T will have some of the major upgrades in the software and remains in same in the hardware as…

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