World’s tallest statue!!! – Sardar vallabai patel

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Today the world’s tallest statue is opened for the iron man’s 143rd birthday!! Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s (iron man) 143rd birthday today.  Due to that, his statue is opened in the banks of Narmada, Gujarat. Sardar vallabhai Patel is called an iron man of India. He is a freedom fighter and also he is the first Home affairs minister of India. For the manufacture of this statue, steels have come from various states in India. This statue is designed by the Padma Bhushan award receiver Ram V  Sudar and Larsen & Toubro. This…

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Here’s the 10 basic traveling tips!!!

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Traveling is of the good one. because the traveling will give you a new experience and good memories for each and every. Here are some of the traveling tips; Here are the 10 basic traveling tips to follow: Take it Slow and Steady India is vast and incredibly diverse. these start from the Himalayas in the north to the serene backwaters in the South to the coastal countryside in the East to the arid deserts in the West, India is fulfilled with wonderful places to be explored. Do not be complex…

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