Jallikattu fever starts!! – Bulls are undergoing for fitness verification!

Jallikattu Fever starts! Jallikattu fever has been started in all over tamilnadu. Jallikattu is a game which is conducted for the Tamil festival Pongal. Preparation has been started for the game in December month itself. The players have started their practices for the game and Bull owners are also started to train their bulls and some of the buyers also buy the bull and giving the training. The specific breed of bulls is suitable for the jallikattu game.  So, the bulls are sold for some of the lakhs also buyers are…

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Jallikattu date has been fixed!! – Price of Jallikattu bulls!

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Jallikattu Date has announced!! The Jallikattu has been banned by the government 2 years ago but, the Tamilnadu people’s make a protest which makes Jallikattu popular worldwide. The Tamilnadu people won their ancient culture games and practices by each and every voice of Tamil people. The Farmers in most of the areas of Tamilnadu were sold their animals like Bulls, cows, etc.. to the slaughterhouse due to the ban of Jallikatu. Even the Jallikatu permitted, the population of Bulls are slopped to down. So, the bulls are selling at the peak price of about…

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