20,021 new Corona virus cases has been recorded in India in the last 24 hours.


Corona Virus so called COVID -19 spread in the country is under control control with all possible precautionary measures. People across country were made aware of the how infectious the disease would turn to thereby ensuring utmost care by self. That being said, the new mutated corona virus is said to 70% more infectious than the Corona virus that emerged during 2019. But the Health Minister Mr. Harsha Vardhan assured that appropriate measures are taken and the scientist have a close eye on every development. For a measure of safety,…

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Karnataka Lockdown Begins – Will Corona continue in 2021?!?

COVID19 Lockdown

Karnataka Lockdown Begins – Will Corona continue in 2021?!? Lockdown at night has been announced in Karnataka between 10 PM to 6 AM to control the spread the new Corona mutant commonly known amongst youngsters as Corona pro max. The lockdown will continue for 9 days from Dec 23rd to January 2nd 2021. However, milk, vegetables and medical transportation will remain normal ensuring no shortage of essentials to people. Buses from other states, city buses within state and metro trains have been restricted during lockdown hours. Total of 2800 passengers…

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