Tremors near chennai as earthquake hits the bay of bengal!

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On Feb 12th early morning in the Bay of Bengal there was an earthquake occurs. This earthquake is also felt for the Chennai peoples also. This earthquake is has formed in the early morning at 4.30 am. In Chennai T.Nagar peoples also felt an earthquake. In Bay of Bengal deep of 10 km distance, the earthquake has been formed in centre of the Sea.  The effect of the earthquake is very less and it recorded a 4.9 Richter scale. It doesn’t affect any creatures or things. The same thing as again…

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Top 10 Best places to visit in Hot Chennai

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Chennai is the capital city of Tamilnadu. Chennai is one of the well-developed cities in India. Here we listed the 10 best places to visit in Chennai. 10 Best places in Chennai: MARINA BEACH: The beach is Spreading from the mouth of the Coovum river in the north to the Lighthouse in the south, the Marina Beach is a 12-kilometer uninterrupted stretch of golden sands and foam sea. Often it bags as the second longest beach in the world, this urban stretch in the coastal city of Chennai has a…

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Mooligai Petrol inventor Ramar Pillai was arrested again

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Ramar Pillai, who once again announced that he will produce herbal gasoline (Mooligai Petrol), was arrested in Egmore, Chennai. Ramar Pillai has created a big thriller in Tamil Nadu saying he has been producing petrol since 1996. Scientists do not accept that discovery. Furthermore, the CBI court in Egmore has filed a case against five persons R. Venudevi, S. Chinnasamy, R. Rajasegaran and S.K. Bharat including Ramar Pillai, claiming that they are cheated and also stated they contaminated in the Herbal gasoline. According to the CBI, during the years 1999…

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