Superstar Rajinikanth’s Kaala Movie Review

kaala movie review

Kaala Synopsis: A gangster from Tirunelveli, who’s the King of Dharavi, fights for preserving the land safe from bad politicians and the land mafia.

This time, Ranjith uses the Superstar Rajinikanth to tell his message that the land is commonplace, it’s every man’s right. The tale is straightforward… Migrants from Tamil Nadu settle in Dharavi and help build it, and run the town. While an evil politician-cum-land mafia don units his eyes on their land, they insurrection. Do they prevail?

Kaala starts with a lively story-telling device, wherein the significance of land and the suppression of the downtrodden by way of the energy-hungry is proven. The movie quickly shifts to the contemporary, in live-action multi-color. we are shown evil politicians and land mafia hatching plans to spoil the slums of Dharavi to make it digital Dharavi and make the pure Mumbai.

kaala movie review

The pre-intermission block has a marvel masala stunt collection that is staged on a Mumbai flyover. This scene reminds you of the Rajinikanth of last year. A large treat for his die-hard fans. Sparks start flying as soon as the antagonist Hari Dada (played with a menacing appeal through Nana Patekar) enters the scene. The interval scene is totally screaming. And one of the best interval scene.

Ranjith presents a spin to the classic white-is-pure-and-black-is-evil logic. Here, Ram is bad and Ravan is good. Watch out for the clash scenes between Nana Patekar and Rajinikanth. It will be more delight for Superstar fans when they hearing Rajinikanth speaks in Hindi and Marathi.

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