Some Remedies for cold

Sick woman blowing her nose

Chicken soup

Neutrophils which are the White blood cells moves slowly when they are concentrated in cold infected areas. They get concentrated in the Infected areas. A bowl of warm chicken soup with vegetables is the best cure for cold said by researchers. Upper respiratory Infections are cured by Chicken soup as it is proved in the recent research. To get hydration when ill Low-sodium soup will work better.

chicken soup-vegetable-soup


Ginger is the common medicine used for centuries to treat the disease. It is powerful in curing Cough and Sore throat. It is also helpful in curing nausea and a perfect drink after vomiting. Some Ginger should be boiled in water and the drink should be used for better results.

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Honey is the blessed medicine with antibacterial and antimicrobial effects. Honey with lemon is drunk for throat pain. Children’s should be given few ml of honey before sleep to get out of cough and get sound sleep. Honey has the content named botulinum spores which couldn’t be fought with the body of 1 year old kids so, it should not be given to them. It can be given to the older kids which their body can adopt.

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Garlic contains compound Allicin with Antimicrobial properties. Garlic intake reduces the symptoms of cold. It also helps in preventing one from getting more prone to diseases spreading seasonally. Having more garlic is one of the best remedy for cold and it has the potential to cure it.

garlic-cold remedy-medicine-cough medicine

Vitamin C

Orange, Grape, Lime, Leafy Greens and vegetables are enriched with vitamin. Hot water with lemon and honey aids in improving cold. These are not the direct remedies for cold but provides the immune system  to recover from the disease.

lime-orange-vitamin C-COLD MEDICINE

Some of the other powerful remedies are Listed below

Salt water Gargling

Salt water is one of the best anti bacterial substance. Gargling salt water heals the infection from the upper respiratory organ. It clears the block and gives relief.

Using Vapo Rub

Using the Natural vapo rub by heating camphor with coconut oil will be very effective. Putting some oil prepared in thechest and back will give good aroma and relief from cold block.


Steaming is one of the traditional methods of clearing cold from body. Steam clears cold from nose and other blocks. The hot steam pass in to the body and loosens the cold. Steaming provides the Instant remedy for the cold problems that are really annoying.

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