Sarkar cases – Case list aganist Sarkar!!!

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Sarkar cases – The Rajendran has stated has that his film story was stolen by director A.R Murugadoss. The “Sarkar” movie story was stolen the story “sengol” which was written and submitted by the Writer Rajendran.

The most awaiting film for this Deepavali is “Sarkar” this film was starred by the Actor Vijay and then this film was directed by the A.R Murugadoss. Recently, this film’s teaser was released and excited the Vijay fans and then also Tamil Audience. This film’s music director was A R Rahman. The film is set to be in the final stage for the release. This film was produced by the “Sun pictures”. then this film will be narrated fully of political issues.

The Rajendran has raised a complaint in the South Indian Writer’s Association that is the Varun stated was the Rajendran’s story was stolen and make a film “Sarkar”. This “Sarkar” film was copied from the “sengol”. He submitted his story in the South Indian Writer’s Association in 2007.

The Rajendran has told in the complaint My story was already discussed to Vijay’s father S A Chandrasekar but, he ignored by that time. Currently, the story was stolen from the “sengol” is confirmed yesterday by the chairperson of South indian Writer’s Association K Bhagyaraj.

Sarkar cases,Sarkar,sarkar story stolen,sengol,Arrahman,armurugadoss,sunpictures,cases filed,cases list,

This film Already faced many issues and but now, it has to end. The A.R Murugadoss was already accused of the copying of story and then making a film without any knowledge. The some of the cases are his “Ghajini” (2004) was copied from the Christopher Nolan story “momento” and then another screenplay writer Gopi nayinar’s story was stolen and made a “Kaththi”(2014). later that writer withdraws the complaint.

This film has started an issue in first look itself. The Vijay is posing in that by having a cigarette in his mouth. The health and family welfare have raised a complaint to the director and for the producer “Sun pictures” for promoting the Tobacco Products Act, 2003. The Sarkar cases have been listed.

  • For Sarkar First looks files a case for promoting the smoking.
  • The Sarkar story was stolen from another one and the original writer has filed a case about this in HC.but, the HC has removed the stay order for the Sarkar.
  • Now, the South Indian writer’s Association has confirmed that story was stolen and they filed a case in HC and notice was issued to the Sun pictures.

These are the some Sarkar cases and some of the politicians have complained and tweeted about this like: “Shame on the Actor Vijay for promoting the smoking cigarette for his next movie first look. They said that Act Responsibly and then don’t promote smoking.

This film is produced by the Sun pictures and then this film star casts are Keerthi Suresh, yogibabu, Radha Ravi, Varu Lakshmi, etc… This film was slated to be released on November 6.

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