Sabarimala temple will be closed from today!!! – police warns??

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Sabarimala temple doors will be closed from today 10 am!! due to the five-days of ritual poojas on the temple. The temple is around the dangered situations which may target attack can happen!  Already, the women are not allowed inside the temple. Although, the supreme court has been ordered. This will be lead to a serious situation about the last 4 days. The all India media is covering this issues in the temple. they protesters have entered into the violence against the women who enter inside the Sabarimala temple.

The 9 women are also attempted to enter into the temple. but, the protester and the temple associations are not allowed them. The police have requested to media to vacate their places in pamba and sannidhanam. because the police had received a information of the targeted attack on media’s.

The supreme court has been ordered to allow the women inside the temple. the temple doors are opened since last, that nearly 10 women are forced to return from the temple by the protesters. they are the campaign in the temple to return all the women who are entered inside into the temple. the protesters are camped on the Pamba and nilakkal near the shrine of the temple. they are also involving in the violence also those are entering inside of the temple.

A 46-year old woman from the Andhra Pradesh who trekked to the Sabarimala temple with her family. she was not allowed inside the temple because of his age issues. the protesters are all surrounded by them and they asked for the ID for checking her age was correct. then she was suffered and get panicked by them. then later, she was admitted to the Pamba hospital for treatment.

And, two other women also tried to enter the temple. but they were are not allowed to enter into the shrine. they don’t have any awareness of this issues. so, they also returned to their home.

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