Ram’s Peranbu movie review – definitely a peranbu to peoples

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Peranbu film is released on Feb 1 and Megastar Mamooty and Anjali are starred in a lead role. This film is a must watchable film for all the people. Director ram has given a great art for this society about the disabled peoples. He gave worthy information about the handicapped persons in the world. In this world, the handicapped persons are also can do anything as normal, human.

They can also live the life beautiful as the normal humans and Ram said about the normal humans however gifted this life compared to Disabled Persons. But, the Disabled persons know how to use their body efficiently and they can accept our real-world society. Mamooty has also performed superbly as usual in all the films. He has done a natural performance as a father of a disabled person. Anjali and Pappa also score each and every scene by their performance.

In technical terms of Peranbu, Ram has shown his most detailed and awesome film as compared to other films. He has worked very well in each and every scene to represent the life of a disabled person. They are doing their daily routine works without any others help.

The music and cinematography scored an advantage for this film. Then Eshwaran is the cinematographer for this film he has shot each and every frame awesome. The whole film is shooted in Kodaikanal the location of the film is superb. Next is Yuvan Shankar Raja is the music composer of this film every song in this film it feels too good. The Yuvan has worked hard for the BGM. The BGM itself elevates every scene emotional and superb.

Verdict: Ram’s detailed and good society message will be a sure hard-hitting story.

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