Pulwama Attack: Car Bomber kills 40 CRPF soldiers brutally!

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Pulwama Attack:

In Jammu Kashmir Srinagar, the Pulwama brutal attack has been done among the Indian CRPF soldiers. Nearly 40 Soldiers have been dead and some of them are admitted in the hospital at a critical situation. The 54B Battalion soldiers were travelled to the village for protection purpose in 2 trucks. In that time terrorists have driven a car opposite to them and they had a 350 Kilograms of the explosion to blast the soldier’s vehicles.

The suicide bombers are attacked the CRPF soldiers and they make a blast against them. The jaish-e-Muhammed terrorist group has been recognized for this brutal attack. For this attack, the whole country is under shock. The main figures of India have been condemned for this attack. Narendra Modi has also severely condemned against the terrorist group.

Adil Admar, a 25-year-old teenager in that terrorist group has been acted as a suicide bomber against the CRPF Soldiers. He has started the attack against the soldiers by using the explosives. The totally 44 soldiers have been martyrdom for the country. A huge salute for them and deep condolences for their family.

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