PUBG game for PS4 confirmed the release date and price

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PUBG game has spread around everywhere in mobiles and PC.  Every youngster is spending lots of time in this game evenly, some of them are addicted to this. PUBG is initially released on the PC only and gaining the popularity, it also released in the mobile and XBOX one. PUBG game has crossed over 50 million downloads in the google play store for mobile. For PC, this game crossed over 30 million purchases and currently it’s downing by some of the cheated users and pirate versions.

Now, this game is getting ready to release in Sony’s PS4 (Sony playstation4). XBOX One version was successfully launched and made 1 million purchase over 48 hours. PUBG corp. has updated all the updates to change the maps, weapons, suits in PS4. They will support the multitude of shooting and new modes.

The PUBG corp. has trying to hit their game in all of the platforms. They are trying this one in all over the countries. Once, we heard that there will be a release in PS4 rumored. But, they are officially confirmed their release in PS4 on December 7th. You can pre-order.

PS4 has some of the customizations in PUBG game. Changhan Kim (PUBG corp boss) has told “we are happy to combine with the PlayStation community. They have developed some of the awesome features and our team can’t wait for the holiday season. This game will launch on PS4 with the three maps called Erangel, Miramar, and shanok. There are three types of the bundle to choose with their own rewards and contents. All PlayStation players will get a special Uncharted and Last of us game items. They will get a backpack and an outfit.

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