Pongal Festival in Tamilnadu – 2018

pongal festival

Pongal festival is a four day Tamil harvest function which is dedicated to the Sun God. Pongal is celebrated from January 14 to 17 by all Tamil people around the World. It is mostly celebrated in Tamil Nadu which is the Mother place of all Tamil People. It is also called Thai Pongal, because it falls within the auspicious month of Thai, the tenth month of the Tamil calendar. It marks the beginning of Uttarayan, the sun’s transition northwards for a six-month duration. The month of Thai is assumed to disappear people’s problems and bring right lunch. Each day of the Pongal festival is celebrated with different kind of rituals in Tamil Nadu. People also choose to get married in this month because they believed that this month brings prosperity and good luck to families.

In Tamilnadu, Pongal Celebrations date more than 1000 years ago. Historians claim that the Chola empire would have fun Puthiyeedu with lots fervour. Puthiyeedu is thought to represent the primary harvest of the year.

Thai Pongal gets its name from the Tamil word Pongal, it means “to boil”. ‘Ponga’ actually means overflowing, with the abundance of rice, cereals, sugar-cane and turmeric that are harvested at that time. The way of life of new rice in pots until they overflow, is  a popular tradition followed in Pongal. The ritual is symbolic of abundance and prosperity.

Four Days of Pongal Festival:


pongal festival

Bhogi function is the first day of Pongal which is celebrated by the name of Lord Krishna. In, Bhogi people light a bonfire and throw all the useless matters into it. It means we throw our problems and the sadness into the fire. Our mind will be free, when we forget our problems. This is real meaning of Bhogi. And People thank the Lord Indra for proper harvest while singing and dancing round it.

Surya Pongal

pongal festival

Surya Pongal is the second day of Pongal. It is the main function in Pongal Festival. It is dedicated to the sun God. On this day, people boil rice and dedicate it to the sun. All women are wakeup early and make many different kind of kolam, which is rangoli design. And it is made out of rice powder. Then they make a sweet dish which is called as “Sakkarai Pongal”, “Pongal” on this day.

Maattu Pongal

pongal festival

Mattu Pongal falls at the third day of Pongal which is celebrated for cows. People thank God for their livestock and tie colourful garlands and bells around the neck of the cow. And the famous Jallikattu and Rekla race will be conducted, on this day.

Kaanum Pongal

pongal festival

On the day of Kaanum Pongal all the tamil women wake up early and pray for their husband’s health and long existence. They mix the rice in a turmeric leaf and put it within the centre and perform the puja. It is the last day of Pongal Festival.


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