Oviya’s Adult movie Trailer is out! – 90ml

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Oviya’s adult film 90ml trailer was released on Friday evening. This film is an adult movie which is known by its A certificate from the censor board. The trailer is full of adult scenes and dialogues are placed in each and every scene. The Oviya has boldly attempted this project to do with a family base fan audiences are more for Oviya.

After, the big boss the Oviya has a unique army for her character. But,  this film will be challenging for her by releasing this film she may lose family base fans. But, she never afraid of that she was boldly done her job for the story plot.

This film is moving with some adult scenes and there was an action scene also. So definitely, this will be an adult thriller film. This film’s director is Alaaghiya asura and STR is the music composer for this film. let’s wait and see for the further updates.

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