‘Sathaar’ in ‘Paava Kadhaigal’ hosted on NETFLIX melts the one within everyone deep-down.

Paava Kadhaigal

Kalidas Jayaram has not just acted, he just lived as ‘Sathaar’ in ‘Paava Kadhaigal’ running successfully in NETFLIX OTT platform. That’s a bold move, proving him the most talented and versatile. In recent times, any story that director Mrs. Sudha Kongara touches turns magical. Be it, ‘Soorarai potru’ or a short and sweet ‘ilamai itho itho’ hosted as part of Amazon Orginals ‘Putham puthi kaalai’ and now the most soulful ‘Thangam’ as part of Netflix Originals ‘Paava Kadhaigal’, everything is at its best.

Rather than the movie by itself, the characters are lively and lovely. And about Kalidas Jayaram, we couldn’t see him a glance of him in the movie, it was Sathaar who stole the whole show.

The expression, emotion, body language everything was as perfect as it could be. ‘Sathaar’ the most complicated character little overdone or undone will spoil the soul of the movie. Kalidas Jayaram has just blended and mended perfectly with no words. The versatile actor is a directer artist and will be reaching heights.

Though directors Mr. Vetrimaran and Mr. Gowtham menon has given soulful stories too, ‘Thangam’ and ‘Sathaar’ from Mrs. Sudha Kongara stole the show.

Watch the full series on NETFLIX.

GVM’s ‘Vaanmagal’ was another epic story. The story line and the twist was perfect however the emotions of GVM as a father was not commendable. Simran as ‘Mathi’ was as usual astonishing with her character blending smoothly. The plot did not have a surprise element in it but the content by itself is to be valued.

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