Diary – KIDS – A bundle of Surprise

kids surprise

Have you ever heard of rooms named for kids and never been used by them. If not, those sorts do exist. When I grew up, I had a room but it was always used as guest room, store room or whatever other purposes it’s needed for. Whenever we buy something new, it will be unpacked neatly and placed in other rooms and the unpacking left overs will be dumped at my room. I got used to it but that left an impact of naming a room.

I ensured that my kid will have an environment which she would dream of (basically I dreamt of). I bought her a tent house(after reviewing at least a 50 products) and decorated with small bed inside surrounded by all sorts of soft toys. And then we had a light strands adding beauty to the princess tent house.

Tea Talk – A Bundle of Surprise

Myself and my husband were cleaning our house. Don’t be surprised. Yes either we do it together or don’t do it. That’s a good partnership right. Yes balanced one. We both work and love to spend time in a clean living space. So we clean now and then. But this time, it turned out be a different life experience.

My kid was spending time with her grandparents in their house. We started organising the so called Kids room. The typical room I described with PlayStation and hanging speakers all around. And, all that bothered my husband was the tent house. He wanted to remove it, so the room would be spacious.

We argued a little but then, we removed the tent folded and hid it inside the cupboard and dumped all the toys in the box which could be kept accessible. Once she has finished playing, she could put them back. That’s a clean plan drafted by my husband.

I was really really worried that, when she is back she would get disappointed and will start to cry and make all possible chaos. The least I could ensure is to have her favorite toys left outside the box easily accessible.

The next morning my kid came back home and was attending the online class facing towards her room. She attended calmly and I ensured (by sitting in front of her to hide the view) she doesn’t notice the changes at least until she finishes her class.

As soon as she finished, she went inside her room and to my surprise she was like “wowww ma.. it looks awwesomme. It’s so clean. I have lot of place to play”. Can you visulaize how I would have looked at her.

The next question was “Maa.. You made this to me?”. I wanted to say “Yes baby” but my conscience did not allow. I said “dad did this” but she said “I know ma you would have given the idea.. I love you maa”. That day I realised a new version of my baby girl, grown up with unconditional love.

Surprises do continue..

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