“Kesari” unbelivable true story – First Glimpse of the movie!

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Akshay Kumar’s next biggie film has been announced. “Kesari” is the historic film which is based on true events against Afghani soldiers. This film is a biopic of “The battle of Saragarhi”. this film is directed by famous Punjabi director “Anurag Singh”. In this film, Akshay Kumar and Parneeti Chopra have starred in a lead role.

This will be one of the most anticipated movies this year. Kesari movie’s trailer is planned to be released on Feb 21st. Now, the film’s first glimpse has been released. This is a historic battle of 21 Sikhs against Afghani soldiers. This film is produced by Dharma Productions, Karan Johar.

First-time Parneeti Chopra romancing with Akshay Kumar and Akshay Kumar has starred as the main commando of Sikh group. This film is a true historic biopic and based on Novel “Battle of Saragarhi”. This film’s story is 21 Sikhs which are fought against 10000 Afghani soldiers. This film will be hit the screens on March 21.

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