Karthi’s Dev Movie review! – A Predictable story to suprise you!

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Actor Karthi’s new film Dev is released on Feb 14th Valentines Day. This film is directed by a debut director Rajath Ravishankar. This film is a commercial film which the story moves on basis of Love. This film’s music director is Harris Jayaraj. Let’s move on to the Review of the film.

Karthi’s Dev Tamil – Official Trailer:

Dev as a Karthi, he opts for the role which seems to be an adventurous boy who can do all the things which he desires. On another side, Rakul Preet Singh as an ambitious girl who wants to make money more and more. These two characters are falling in love together and many twists and turns to happen by loving each other. This is what a Dev film tells.

In this film, RJ Vignesh, Ramya Krishnan, Prakash Raj only a few stars are starred in this film. The Rakul Preet Singh looks gorgeous and he performed her role perfectly and some of the romantic scenes in this film is failed to attract. In some of the frames, they are not synced perfectly. It looks like artificial chemistry.

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RJ Vignesh is playing a role in the whole film but, he doesn’t shine at his comedies. Ramya Krishnan and Prakash Raj roles are also not impressive. Harris Jayaraj musical is not matched correctly for the scenes. Each and every song has been misplaced and it slows the film.

The cinematography is the only positive thing in this film. Velraj is the director of photography for this film. The shots and location of the film are too good. The songs locations and shots are awesome it looks clear and crisp with attractive colours.

Verdict: Dev is a film with good visuals and music but, failed in the screenplay and for the story. Easy expecting turns in the story. Dev can improve a lot better.

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