Jactto-Geo Teachers Protest! – Still continuing their protest!

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The Jactto-Geo protest has been going effectively day-by-day. The Government employees and government teachers have started their protest against the Tamil Nadu Government by demanding their Pension schemes and Salary Increment for the each and every teachers. The protesters are raising their demands to raise their salaries as equal as Central Government employees.

On the year, 2004 the Tamilnadu Government has cancelled the old pension plans and salary increment for every teacher in every 21 months and some of the demands have been raised against the Ruling party of Tamilnadu. The Government has said that we are not able to satisfy their demands currently due to some financial problems of the state.

The Government has announced to get back to their work otherwise severe actions will be taken against the employees who are all insisted on this protest. This protest has been started on Dec 22nd and now this becomes a big issue. The 10th and 12th students public exams are getting near. In this situation, the teachers are not worried about the students and they are making the protests for their increment.

The Government has offered many offers to the teachers and employees to give up the protest. But, the employee and teachers are staying strong without the satisfying the demands they wouldn’t give up their protest and students life will be a questioning? Many of the leaders and court has been said that to give up the protest and get back to their work for the next-gen students.

The Jactto-Geo association doesn’t hear about that and they are still continuing their protest for their demands.

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