Jactto-Geo Protest – AIADMK May lose the Voters?

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Jactto-Geo Protest has been seriously going on in all over Tamilnadu. This protest is mainly for some of the demands like Pension scheme and salary increment. This Pension scheme is cancelled in the year 2003 for all the Government employees including IAS, IPS, etc.. So, the protesters are demanding to get back the scheme for all the government employees. The current ruling party has promised to get back Pension scheme during the election time.

But, they didn’t do anything as they promised so employees are started to protest from Dec 22nd. This same thing happened during the year 2003 Same Government employees and teachers have done the same protest. At that time Tamilnadu Chief minister is J.Jayalalithaa. She ordered to arrest the people who are all participating in a protest. In that order, many of the protesters were arrested.

Nearly, 1 lakh protesters were arrested and put into the jail. At that time protesters who are all arrested in jail are suffered a lot without any basic needs of food, water, shelter, etc.. All the people are arrested under the law of Desda. The next year 2004 Parliamentary election which is held in Tamilnadu was a tragedy for AIADMK party. They lose in all the districts without deposit votes and in another side, DMK has joined their hands with National Congress party and won the election in big numbers of votes difference. So, that protest has clearly reversed the results of the parliamentary election in Tamilnadu.

By the way, this year is also the same protest have been occurred and whether it can damage the AIADMK party in upcoming elections? There are many chances to lose the big numbers of votes in Upcoming Elections. Still now, Chief Minister of Tamilnadu doesn’t come and meet the protesters to negotiate their demands. All the other parties political leaders are requested to come forward and talk to the protesters to avoid big issues during the Public exam time. But, Chief Minister is doesn’t react for this issue.

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