Diary – Interview – Part 3

All we know right now is that I got (hoping) selected and returned home town so happy and relaxed. The next day, I returned to my old office with no sign of interview or hope and continued my reports and holograms as usual.

When I shared this with my so called(trusted for nothing) friends, many provided a feedback stating, you should have received the official email within 2 days if you are selected. I was crushed and did not want my dad to know about this. Everyday, as soon as I reach to my office, the first thing I would do is to check my emails with all hope and no luck and would get back to my routine.

As days passed by, I lost all hope, and any questions around that interview from anyone would irritate me to the core. When my dad asked me to check, I got irritated for the very first time in front of him stating ‘Which company would release an offer on Saturday?’. He did not force me but I felt bad about it and tried to check (you know access to emails via mobile is not so handy for me before 10 years). So turning on the desktop and until I open my mailbox it has always been a heart throbbing moment. But today it was not as I was pretty sure I wouldn’t receive mails during Weekend.

But to my surprise, I received the offer. “YES! I couldn’t believe my own eyes and was dumbstruck not finding the right words to let my dad know. I brought him in front of the desktop and showed him the email.”

He was like oh.. Good then.. Joining date is not provided? His expression was even more surprising to me than the email. I asked him, “Are you not happy?” He was like, Of course I’m and its no surprise. Since you did well, I’m pretty sure you would receive this.

Only Parents can believe in their kids to that extent. And If you believe definitely they gonna make it happen. My dad in other ways, taught me what life is or how to live not by words or advises , it was all learnt from how he lived.

Getting back to story,

The next morning, with full energy and enthusiasm, I stepped into the office and directly walked into the HR room and said I would like to resign stating the reason(It was manual resignation by that time). The HR immediately asked, you were on leave that X date, so you had interview on that day? Really clever right.

So all set with 30 days notice period. Everything went happy until “Day 23”. So called friends again started new problems to worry about. These MNC’s will select you but you will receive an offer only after a year or two. So you better take back your resignation until you get the joining letter.

With lots of disappointment, I went back home that day opened my mails and found the joining letter too. I still feel that magical moment. These might seem silly for those who get selected in campus interviews. But with lots of negativity around, when everything goes positive, Magical would be perfect term to refer the moment.

It was my LAST day in my FIRST office and I’m having a word with my ‘Project Manager’ for the very first time. All he said is “You are Smart and All the Best. If you wish to rejoin later in time, you could always reach me!” Could you feel the moment. I was more happy than I could express in words.

I still miss that traditional office all the entry/exit attendance registers, coffee/tea/snacks planning, only 9-5 jobs for women, online question paper delivery, proud moments when all university professors call us “Mam, could you get me that/this report”. But there is factor of “Salary”. So we have to move on.

Though I moved on to the so called (believed it to be a) Dream job, I will always remember the first office I stepped in.

Asking about my dream job…??!!!??

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