Facts to buy, Microsoft “Xbox One S”

xbox one S

For video games and therefore the folks that like to play them, 2016’s season is that the initial since 2013 during which brand new video game consoles are being sold-out. Granted, these are not innovative within the same approach the PS4 and Xbox One were innovative 3 years past, however they are doing represent important refreshes to both Sony and Microsoft’s gaming systems.

But this point, Microsoft’s games console launches this August for $399,  and introduces new options in “Xbox One S” like 4K video streaming and up to a  2TB of storage.

Here are FIVE facts to buy, Microsoft “Xbox One S”,

  1. The Xbox One S may be a project for those just joining the Xbox family. You get a sleeker style, an improved controller and 4K video playback for a similar $299 starting value as the current Xbox One. However, if you would like the Xbox One S as presently as possible, you will need to select up the $399, 2TB model on August 2 — cheaper models are coming back a little later.
  1. On the other hand, the Xbox One S may be a 4K media powerhouse. The console supports 4K video streaming from services like Netflix and Amazon Video, and even plays 4K Blu-Rays and therefore the Xbox One S is also value shopping for for its 4K support alone.
  1. The Xbox One S has the most important hard drive option of any Xbox, providing a meaty 2TB of storage on the $399 model. The $349 configuration can get you a solid 1TB, whereas the starting $299 model packs a regular 500GB. Of course, this may not be a problem if you already use an external hard drive together with your Xbox.
  1. it would sound superficial, however i am personally considering commercialism for an Xbox One S simply because it’s going to look far better in my entertainment center.
  1. There are various Xbox One S bundles you’ll be able to purchase this season, however far and away the simplest distribute the gates is that the standard Xbox One S that, for $299, is additionally bundled with Halo five and also the Halo Master Chief collection.

That collection includes four games: Halo: Combat Evolved anniversary, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4.


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