Diary – My first fried rice surprise


I was just married and always wanted to cook a special dish (my very first fried rice)for my husband. You know, every women would have had a thought to do that. Especially this will be a dream of a woman like me who doesn’t know anything about cooking.

All my google and you tube reSEARCHes (just to say SEARCH would lessen the efforts I made) would be on ‘How to cook?’ , ‘What to cook?’ and being a novice at cooking any recipe which is missing the minor details of ‘what size of ginger I should use and how should I measure?’ would be straight away rejected.

Finally, found a good recipe and started cooking the so called Fried rice. An important thing to be noted, before I start cooking, I went in purchase of veggies to the Supermarket (Wonder why?!?) I don’t have to struggle in asking for right things, instead I could look at it and pick whatever I wanted to. But that’s the tragedy I dug on my own.

Tea Talk – Diary

Yes, finally I made my fried rice with such a confidence using all possible measurement and presented (like) its so delicious. The moment we tasted, was totally surprised and shocked. Only thing, my husband asked was, even it was with rice, salt and vegetables, how could it taste such BITTER. Even I couldn’t answer. He managed to eat half of it where I couldn’t even take a second scoop (that’s LOVE you see).

And my in law’s were waiting to have dinner served. Luckily they have a habit of having dinner at 8 PM and I’m done with my preparations by 9:30 PM and they just wanted to taste it later so they don’t want to disappoint me.

Finally, my MIL found the cause of bitterness, I have used Turkey berry(சுண்டைக்காய் (Sundai-kaai) ) instead of Green Peas. Everyone was literally shocked that I couldn’t find a difference between both(the most embarrassed me looking away). That day was quite unforgettable. But believe me the support they provided instead of criticism have made me try almost all recipes possible recipes and now I’m cooking my own recipes and posting the same.

Verdict – Be supportive to your own family. If you don’t believe them who else will. You have to go through a lot of course!

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