COVID-19 vaccine availability nearby via “WHATSAPP”

COVID vaccine availability via whatsapp

COVID19 – Wondering how to know the Vaccine availability in nearby hospitals using Whatsapp?

The Government of India had introduced MyGov Coronavirus helpdesk chatbot to provide lot of automatic useful informations about COVID19 Pandemic. Recently they have added a new and very useful feature for us to easily identify the Vaccine slots availability in nearby government hospitals using whatsapp with just a single click (by providing the pin code). It is a very useful feature and here are the quick steps

Step 1: Save the MYGov Cornovirus helpdesk chatbot number +91 9013151515

Step 2: Open the above contact in whatsapp and type your 6 digit pincode (For.E.g. 621006) and click send. You will receive vaccines availability and hospital details along with the link to register for vaccine slots. 

You can also click the below link  in your mobile to send whatsapp message directly.

Lets vaccinate and stop the COVID19 spread to live a happy life with our lovable family, near and dear ones. 

Please follow the below link for COVID19 bed availability 

COVID-19 vaccine clarifications

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