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corona experience

Penned by, Praveen – IT Professional

I would like to share my first-hand experience on the recovery journey of COVID-19.

The first disclaimer I would like to mention is all may not have similar symptoms and recovery pattern. All I want to share is my personal experience and bring in the needed positive outlook towards it.

The unwelcomed guest: COVID-19

Being an IT professional, I am in the Work From Home setup for the past year or so. In this setup, I travel out very limited and even with that I somehow came in contact with the virus. the possibilities of how I may have got into contact by itself needs to be a separate analysis and post

The early rise: Initial symptoms

The early symptom I experienced was a sore throat, that week had few rainy days, and the initial thought for the sore throat was due to climate change. Two days passed, I had a mild fever and it aggravated the next day. But as usual, I took few doses of Paracetamol, and the third day morning I was completely normal. During the fever, I felt a bit of tiredness and leg pain.

Inhaling steam (aavi pudikurathu)is a normal procedure that I follow as a home remedy for cold and sore throat, that is when I identified that I have lost the sense of smell. the third symptom that drove me towards COVID-19 thought

Panicking mode: the mode that we should never get into

The loss of smell was confirmed when I can’t sense the smell of a strong perfume. I went into panic mode, the sole reason was that I have my parents living with me who are not vaccinated. The sole relief was that my wife alone had her first shot of vaccine being a front-line medical profession. 

Get it confirmed: don’t mind taking an RT-PCR test

the next thing I did against my parent’s wish is to take the COVID-19 swab test to confirm that I have been contacted with the virus and not just panicking for a common cold. Though we are privileged to have a Doctor over telecon/ in my case within the family, never hesitate to take a test and confirm yourself. This will help you keep your family and neighbors safe from community spread.

I took the test with the mobile Corporation test center which was visiting a nearby street. One thing to keep in mind is that they deliver the test result in 2 days time frame, I believe private center does it much faster

Path to recovery: Self Isolation is key

the first thing I did when I lost my olfactory sense is that I went into self-isolation with the available space at home even before I gave the test. This gave me relief that the family member will be safe. I had a fitness band and that helped me monitor the Blood oxygen saturation(Spo2). if you don’t have one better buy a pulse oximeter from the nearest pharmacy. I got one for the nearest Thulasi pharmacy. just to be on the safer side make sure you test your and your family members daily once or twice, even though they don’t have any symptoms.

after 2 days of losing smell & taste, the next symptom that hit me was diarrhea. So to counter this I had to key myself hydrated with water and used the homemade ORS(1ltr water with 6 spoon sugar and 1/2 spoon salt). I had to use the toilet mostly after 2 hours of my meal, so keeping myself hydration was key.

Irrespective of what food I get I try to take them all even if I can’t smell or taste it. Never skip any meal due to lack of appetite. This is a key factor that will keep you healthy to fight against the virus. In my personal experience, my favorite filter coffee feels like hot water, the aromatic chicken curry that mom prepare feels nothing in front of you. Ignore all this and just take them and take enough fluids to keep you hydrated.

The Psychological impact: Mental health is key

I am in isolation for almost a week now, all I have with me is a morning newspaper and some streaming subscriptions. I am doing office work as and when I can to keep myself occupied.

Make sure your mental health is not impacted in this setup, the initial 2 days were fun where you get everything at the doorstep. Later it took a toll on my head, I had to talk to my family over the phone, say “hi” to my pet dog from a distance and make sure he doesn’t enter my room. Such small factors started to hit me. So make sure you keep your mind relaxed and not worrying too much in this recovery process.

Note that Breathing exercise is a must, or simply use a balloon and practice blowing it 2 -3 times a day.

So in case you or your family members are affected,

first is to stay positive which is the key physiological factor.

Second, take healthy food and never skip a meal.

Third the most important one is to stay in touch with your doctor and follow the prescribed medication.

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