Comparison between One Plus 6 and One Plus 6T

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The one plus is the mobile manufacturer which is giving an awesome flagship phone at reasonable costs. The One plus will make a worthy product for the money. They will give awesome specifications and software in their budget. the one plus has also released the new product and a few months later they will be releasing the T-gration phones. Likewise, they released a new phone has released yesterday called one plus 6T. Already, the new one plus 6 has a very good response from the users.

Yesterday, the new phone which is a successor of a one plus 6 names one plus 6T. they company says that this phone will be having a new user interface and have some of the new features. The phone has been launched yesterday and this phone has a new display design. This phone has a new waterdrop design and In-display fingerprint sensor. The one plus 6 has a dedicated place in the back of the phone.

This time the phone battery is slightly increased than the older phone and also it supports fast charging support on both the phones. The 6 has 3,000mAh and 6T has 3,700mAh battery. Both the phones are having the same chipset and RAM options are remains the same. The 6T has come in Android Pie with some of the OS features.

The camera section remains the same on the both on 16mp and 20mp sensors of the phones. there’ no change in the hardware parts for the one plus 6T same as the 6. Now, they are including some of the AI features like nightscape mode and then some of the software improvements are there in the one plus6T. The one plus 6T has an In-display fingerprint sensor which unlocks the phone in 0.34 seconds. The price is also slightly higher than the one, we can come to the conclusion that is you can buy the 6 better than the 6T. It has a headphone jack and some of the major features remain same. So, it’s our recommendation to go for one plus6 itself or you want a new display and new features means go for the 6T.

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