Jallikattu in Coimbatore – 2018

coimbatore jallikattu

Jallikattu brief History:

Coimbatore Jallikattu – Jallikattu is a traditional sport played in open ground which is also called as “Eru Thazhuvuthal” and “Manju Virattu”. The bulls placed in jallikattu are the origin of Puliakulam or Kangeyam. The Bulls are released from the Vadivasal and is the tradition followed from 400-100BC. Lane will be build around the area where crowd of men stands to grab the vigorous bulls. Price will be given to the one whom controls the bull.

coimbatore jallikattu

In other case there will be a flag hanged on the horns of the bull. It should be removed by the person and rewards will be given to the one who done that. This ritual is practiced in Tamilnadu as a part of pongal In the day of Mattu pongal which is celebrated in the month of January. Bos indicus is the variety of bull sent for Manjuvirattu by the villagers. It is the most famous tradition practiced among Tamil people.

Jallikattu in Coimbatore:

Coimbatore Jallikattu is going to held in Chettipalayam (Coimbatore) on 28th January. The preparations are carried out for the brave sport to take place. The build up of Vadivasal have started today with the Groundbreaking ceremony. It is done in Chettipalayam which is the place to allow the bulls to enter in the game. Municipal Administration Minister S.P.Velumani  is participating in the pooja to start the construction of Vadivasal. He also registered that this the first ever Jallikattu happening in the Coimbatore city. 

coimbatore jallikattu

The conveyor  of the event selvam said that the Jallikattu event is being organised jointly by the District Administration and Omkar Foundation and the arrangements which are necessary is done by them.

It is expected around 750 bulls will participate in the event and 550 bull tamers registered till now. Selvam also said that the temporary space is getting ready to accommodate around 5000 people in the area of 25 acres.


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