Some Interesting facts about Diwali!!!

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Diwali is celebrated on the Hindu month of Kartika. Hinduism is a major religion in India and is considered to be the oldest religion in the world. More than 900 million people celebrate this festival in various ways. It is celebrated on the basis of honor for Lakshmi – the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity. The festival also marks the return of Lord Rama and Sita after completing fourteen years in exile. The word Diwali defined as “the row of lighted lamps (diyas)” in the Hindi Language. The festival shows the victory of light over darkness. Diwali also marks a major shopping festival in…

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10 Mistakes that are killing your phone!!!

Don't plug the charger point blindly before going to sleep. This will lead to the disconnection of power and then this will be cut off the lifespan of your charger

10 Mistakes that are killing your phone!!! – Plugging in it mobile Carefully: Don’t plug the charger point blindly before going to sleep. This will lead to the disconnection of power and then this will be cut off the lifespan of your charger and also for mobile. There will high chances to occur of the electrical shot. So, be slowly and see the socket area and plug the charger into the mobile. Don’t leave the phone under sunlight: If you place your mobile under the direct sunlight or near the…

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Amazon great indian festival!!! vs flipkart Big billion days!!!

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Amazon Great Indian festival vs Flipkart Big billion days – Both Amazon and Flipkart are started there festival offers, and they begin from today. the Amazon has a The great Indian festival and the Flipkart has started as a competitive as Big billion sales. both are giving some amazing offers to the products. but, they mainly focused on mobile phones and electronic appliances. The Amazon is going to start their festival from 10th October to 15th October. In this festival, they are made many offers to the Indian peoples. they are conducting…

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30 Facts about India that makes you WoW

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Here we list the 30 facts about India. 30 facts about India: 30. More than a million Indians are millionaires, yet most Indians live on less than two dollars a day. Estimated 35% of India’s population lives below the poverty line. 29. Hindi is not a national language of India. There are more than 20 official languages and Hindi is one of them. An official language is a way all the people can communicate with others. And most of the Indian people are not happy with communicating in Hindi. 28.…

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15 facts about Coffee – You never know about it

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85% of adults in the world drink coffee. But None of them knows about the 15 facts about Coffee. Here, we list the 15 facts about Coffee that no one knows. 15 Facts about Coffee: That wonderful scent in your corner coffee store may actually be fake. Coffee companies including Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts occasionally use “fake coffee smell” to draw consumers. ScentAir, additionally-known as “scent provider,” is a popular desire within the coffee enterprise as well as retail stores, restaurants, and accommodations, in which strategies of “Aromachology” are used…

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10 Main things Woman expects from her man

Here are the 10 most important Qualities which Woman expects from her man. All the girls expect these from their partners. And for boys, “If you follow these 10 steps, your partner will love you so much, and your life would be so perfect”. 10 Most Important Qualities that Woman expects from her man: 1.Chemistry Don’t feel nasty the next time you turn someone down because “the chemistry” just isn’t there. Usually, women are drawn to men based on attraction. “We think to ourselves, can we start a conversation with…

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How to lose fat

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How to Lose Fat: Fat reduction is not a hectic problem to solve as many of us think. It is very easy in the way we take it to the next level. Leading a healthy life is the main concern for everyone. Fat is the main problem arise in the fast running world where we don’t have any time to take care of our food habits and streamline the same. So many of us are getting Obesity problems and cholesterol leads to some serious problems. This article gives u the…

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Skin care Natural solutions

skin care

Honey Honey is the anti-bacterial agent. It has full of antioxidants and it slows down aging. It is the best moisturizer and soothing product which creates glowing skin.   Olive Oil Olive oil is best for Hair, Skin and Nail. It has anti-aging antioxidants and it is the best hydrating agent for skin. It is the best solution for dry skin. Green Tea Anti-Oxidants in Green tea counters the Oxidant Radicals on the skin. It is the best known cleanser. Applying the hot water soaked green tea bag on the…

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Effects of Cancer


Recently the study’s tells that almost 50% of deaths are caused by smoking, poor and unhealthy eating habits. That is not exactly in a common and regular way referred to measures from over 35 years prior, a result of new research strategies and changes in our culture. Smoking rates have quickly dropped, while weight rates have risen significantly. And two-third of the deaths are in the low-middle income groups where its cause is not enough and treatment is delayed. Cancer accounts for more deaths worldwide than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis(TB) combined.…

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