COVID-19 vaccine availability nearby via “WHATSAPP”

COVID vaccine availability via whatsapp

COVID19 – Wondering how to know the Vaccine availability in nearby hospitals using Whatsapp? The Government of India had introduced MyGov Coronavirus helpdesk chatbot to provide lot of automatic useful informations about COVID19 Pandemic. Recently they have added a new and very useful feature for us to easily identify the Vaccine slots availability in nearby government hospitals using whatsapp with just a single click (by providing the pin code). It is a very useful feature and here are the quick steps Step 1: Save the MYGov Cornovirus helpdesk chatbot number…

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COVID-19 new bed facility in Coimbatore

Corona bed facility in kongunadu college

The COVID-19 ‘Corona Isolation Center’ was scheduled and its opened on (23/05/2021) at GN Mills Kongunadu College of Arts and Sciences, Coimbatore. With 350 bed facilities, it is to operate with 25 volunteers, 2 doctors and 6 nurses for COVID-19 patients. Those with early symptom impairment have been accommodated. In addition, an oxygen bus is also parked on the premises to prevent oxygen deficiency. Operates completely free of charge. Meals and accommodation are free. Take advantage of those who need it. A request .. Those who are unable to isolate…

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COVID-19 Home Test Kit

corona test kit

“ DOES ICMR APPROVED? ” A locally situated testing unit has been endorsed by ICMR. It is prudent just for indicative people and individuals who have interacted with lab-tried Coronavirus positive individuals.  ICMR has supported a locally situated test kit for Corona virus. It is a home quick antigen testing (Rodent) pack, which is fitting just for indicative people and individuals who have interacted with lab-tried Corona virus positive individuals.  Aimless testing, notwithstanding, isn’t encouraged, ICMR said.  Up until now, just one organization – Mylab Disclosure Arrangements Ltd – has…

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COVID-19 Vaccine Clarifications

corona Vaccines

The Association Well being Service declared another critical change in strategy: conceding the Corona virus immunization in four explicit circumstances.  Four months after its gave rules to states saying lactating ladies ought not get Coronavirus immunizations, the Wellbeing Service, in a change in approach, on Wednesday declared that Coronavirus inoculation is suggested for all lactating ladies.  The Association Wellbeing Service reported another critical change in approach: conceding the Coronavirus inoculation in four explicit circumstances.  In the first place, the Service said, people with lab tests demonstrated SARS-2 Coronavirus sickness —…

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Real time COVID-19 experience| Spread Positivity not COVID

corona experience

Penned by, Praveen – IT Professional I would like to share my first-hand experience on the recovery journey of COVID-19. The first disclaimer I would like to mention is all may not have similar symptoms and recovery pattern. All I want to share is my personal experience and bring in the needed positive outlook towards it. The unwelcomed guest: COVID-19 Being an IT professional, I am in the Work From Home setup for the past year or so. In this setup, I travel out very limited and even with that…

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COVID-19 – TamilNadu Lockdown latest News– What is allowed and not allowed from May 24th 2021


Due to rise in COVID-19 ratio in Tamil Nadu, lockdown is extended upto 31st May 2021,  here is the list on What is allowed? Pharmacies (including AYUSH Pharmacies), Veterinary Pharmacies. Milk, Water and Daily Newspaper Supplies. Vegetables, Fruits to be distributed only through the following authorities: In Chennai – Through Department of Horticulture. In Other Districts – Through Local Bodies (Municipalities, Panchayats etc.). E-Commerce Service Providers can operate between 8 AM to 6 PM. Hotels  can provide Parcel Services and Sale through E-Commerce (like Swiggy, Zomatoetc..) during the following hours:…

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COVID-19 deceased victim’s dependents can claim upto 7 lakhs insurance from EPFO


On the off chance that the perished due to COVID-19 was into formal business, adding to the EPF, the person in question will be qualified for life coverage in the scope of Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 7 lakh in relation to the essential compensation.  The second influx of COVID-19 Coronavirus has harmed numerous families. The day by day demise tally has crossed 4,500-mark. While nothing could compensate for the passionate misfortune, any monetary help to the deprived family could be an aid in such troublesome occasions. One such is…

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List of Oxygen Bed Hospitals in Coimbatore for COVID-19 Patients


People who need an oxygen bed for COVID-19 corona infection are nervous about not knowing which hospitals it is available in. Below are the list of hospitals with bed count and contact number,  1, Kawsika, Sundarapuram-5-beds, Cell; 6381214596. 2, Abhinath, Sundarapuram, 30 beds-ICU-5 Cell; 8838689898,7010844065. 3, Bala Medical Center, 10 beds, 9842224624. 4, Coimbatore Child Trust Hospital 9 beds, Cell; 7708682666. 5, CSR Nursing Home, 14 beds, Cell; 9944556813, 9942095093. 6, Coimbatore Diabetes Foundation, 20 Beds, IOB Colony Marudhamalai, 9539004198. 7, CMC -678 beds, 9940110231. 8, Muthus, Saravanampatti, 92 beds,…

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Bed Availability for COVID-19 patients in Tamil Nadu | Wave 2 |War Room

war room

In this pandemic COVID-19 situation on wave 2, India is facing a huge step back on oxygen supply and bed allocations across the country from the past 30 days especially in Maharashtra and Delhi, so to avoid this situation Government of Tamil Nadu initiated online portal to check the availability of beds, because currently Tamil Nadu case count on COVID-19 is rising rapidly and to normalize, Tamil Nadu Government is taking several steps to keep COVID-19 situation under control.       The Government of Tamil Nadu has launched a robust online Public…

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Symptoms to identify COVID-19 from normal fever


People used to confuse the symptoms of normal cold and fever with COVID-19 corona symptoms. Even when you have common symptoms, take appropriate medications per doctors advice. Drink hot water and be safe. Below are the symptoms noticed for COVID-19 patients. Most common symptoms: Dry cough Tiredness Fever Less common symptoms: Headache Loss of taste or smell Rash on skin or discolouration of fingers or toes Aches and pains Sore throat Diarrhoea Conjunctivitis Serious symptoms: Chest pain or pressure Loss of speech or movement Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath…

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