BJP nominates Dhoni as parliament member for election!!!

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For the upcoming parliament election, the Dhoni, gambir will be the candidate from the BJP national party.  India’s Ex-captain “Dhoni”. He has won many of the cups for our nation and now he’s currently playing. now he is captain for the IPL team “Chennai super kings”.

For the upcoming parliament election (2019) they will be standing on his district “Jharkhand”. for this many of the steps are taken by the BJP. another player, the gambir also be expected for standing in this election. Although, the gambir is not on the Indian cricket team.

The dhoni was releaved from the captain post in the Indian team in the limited form of overs. the BJP has trying Dhoni to stand in the parliament election 2019. that steps are begins and also they want to cover all around the south side of India. side by side the gambir is also expected to stand in the parliament election 2019.

As now the Dhoni will be leading as a captain for the “Chennai super kings” IPL team. the main thing was the Dhoni will be the favorite for all side of people. Especially, he will be the favorite for the south peoples. so, the BJP is trying to stand up in this election to gain more votes from them also.

“The Sunday carttian” magazine mentioned this point on their magazine which the BJP is trying to attract the south people by the cricket player Dhoni. both players have an already good name from all side of people in India. these two persons will be joined in BJP shortly.

Already, the existing parliament member is “Meenakshi lakee”. the BJP is not interested in the existing person. so, they are taking steps to change the member by replacing the person “gambir”. so, let’s wait and watch.

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