Avengers Infinity War – Marvel’s most Expecting Movie

avengers infinity war

By the month of November, Avengers Infinity War first trailer has recorded 230 million views by the fans across the world and they were sharing their views on social media. Marvel Studios has released the complete full-length trailer which covers most of the curious parts and the remaining information is mysterious to the crowd. Anthony and Joe Russo who are the directors shared the Magazine covers, fan art and posters.

avengers infinity war

Avengers infinity war has received 179 million views in the first 24 hours when it is circulated. It is recorded as the third most-viewed trailer within a short span of time. The second trailer is also a historical record similar to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast which has got 128 million views in the year 2016. AMC theatres reported that the Avengers Infinity War has sold more tickets within 72 hours. It is the record break of any previous superhero movies. It is more than 1000 percent from the previous year.

avengers infinity war

It’s not a wonder that the trailer reached this great audience but the news states that the second trailer has not performed more than expected. It is expected that it would reach $215 million during the first weekend of its release where the fans are very curious by the everlasting complexity of the platform. Each and every part is keenly watched by the fans and it is watched that it has any potential twists. The comment in Twitter which arouse the interest of the casual moviegoers to watch the movie. This movie is the main domination in this summer.

Stan Lee at Avengers Infinity War Premiere:

As it takes around five weeks for the movie release the trailer is the biggest hit among the audience.

Avengers Infinity War – Official first Trailer:

Avengers Infinity War – Official second Trailer:


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