Diary – KIDS – A bundle of Surprise

kids surprise

Have you ever heard of rooms named for kids and never been used by them. If not, those sorts do exist. When I grew up, I had a room but it was always used as guest room, store room or whatever other purposes it’s needed for. Whenever we buy something new, it will be unpacked neatly and placed in other rooms and the unpacking left overs will be dumped at my room. I got used to it but that left an impact of naming a room. I ensured that my…

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Diary – Interview – Part 3

All we know right now is that I got (hoping) selected and returned home town so happy and relaxed. The next day, I returned to my old office with no sign of interview or hope and continued my reports and holograms as usual. When I shared this with my so called(trusted for nothing) friends, many provided a feedback stating, you should have received the official email within 2 days if you are selected. I was crushed and did not want my dad to know about this. Everyday, as soon as…

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