Maara – Upcoming Tamil Romantic drama in the OTT platform Amazon has set expectations high!!


Maara an upcoming Tamil Romantic drama starred by actor ‘Madhavan’ and ‘Shraddha Srinath’ is the next most anticipated movie on OTT Platform Amazon Originals. The trailer that was released a day ago seems to be the most dramatic narration in the recent times. Maara is a remake of Malayalam film ‘Charlie’ released on 2015 starred by Dulquer Salman and Parvathy. The movie has bagged 8 awards in the 46th Kerala state film awards. The film revolves around a graphic artist who escapes from home to avoid her marriage. She rents…

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20,021 new Corona virus cases has been recorded in India in the last 24 hours.


Corona Virus so called COVID -19 spread in the country is under control control with all possible precautionary measures. People across country were made aware of the how infectious the disease would turn to thereby ensuring utmost care by self. That being said, the new mutated corona virus is said to 70% more infectious than the Corona virus that emerged during 2019. But the Health Minister Mr. Harsha Vardhan assured that appropriate measures are taken and the scientist have a close eye on every development. For a measure of safety,…

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Thala Ajith Kumar’s upcoming film ‘Valimai’ motion poster to be released on Dec 31st 2020 – Fake news

Valimai Ajith

Fans are eagerly waiting for the motion poster of Thala Ajith Kumar’s upcoming film ‘Valimai’ which is to be released to December 31st 2020 which seems to be a fake news from the fake twitter ID of director H Vinoth. Before realising the ID is fake, the news has spread viral amongst Thala fans with 18000 followers tweeting the news. And there is no official update from the ‘Valimai crew members. The movie is expected to be released on Actor Ajith’s 50th birthday May 1, 2021. Per reports about 10%…

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Diary – My first fried rice surprise


I was just married and always wanted to cook a special dish (my very first fried rice)for my husband. You know, every women would have had a thought to do that. Especially this will be a dream of a woman like me who doesn’t know anything about cooking. All my google and you tube reSEARCHes (just to say SEARCH would lessen the efforts I made) would be on ‘How to cook?’ , ‘What to cook?’ and being a novice at cooking any recipe which is missing the minor details of…

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Superstar Rajnikanth’s Annaatthe shooting has been postponed | COVID -19


Superstar Rajnikanth’s most anticipated film shoot of ‘Annaatthe’ has been postponed after 4 of the film crew members has been tested positive for COVID-19. Though Rajnikanth and others in the crew have been been tested negative for COVID-19 during the initial tests, the doctors have advised them to be isolated for a week’s time. Meanwhile, Superstar Rajnikanth has been admitted in Apollo hospital for his highly fluctuating blood pressure. He has been monitored continuously to stabilize the blood pressure level. Here’s the medical report shared by the doctors, The statement…

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Get up to ₹500 cashback on booking a gas cylinder on Paytm before 31st Dec 2020! Hurry!

Paytm Offer

As ever Paytm have introduced a super duper cashback offer of upto ₹ 500 for booking a gas cylinder through PAYTM. You can avail this special offer if you book your LPG before Dec 31’st 2020 through Paytm. Here’s how you get the cashback, The offer is available for users of LGP providers such as Bharat Gas, Indane Gas or HP Gas . Open the paytm app. Offer will be displayed in homepage if its not visible, click on show more. On the left side, Click on ‘Recharge and payment’…

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‘Sathaar’ in ‘Paava Kadhaigal’ hosted on NETFLIX melts the one within everyone deep-down.

Paava Kadhaigal

Kalidas Jayaram has not just acted, he just lived as ‘Sathaar’ in ‘Paava Kadhaigal’ running successfully in NETFLIX OTT platform. That’s a bold move, proving him the most talented and versatile. In recent times, any story that director Mrs. Sudha Kongara touches turns magical. Be it, ‘Soorarai potru’ or a short and sweet ‘ilamai itho itho’ hosted as part of Amazon Orginals ‘Putham puthi kaalai’ and now the most soulful ‘Thangam’ as part of Netflix Originals ‘Paava Kadhaigal’, everything is at its best. Rather than the movie by itself, the…

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Karnataka Lockdown Begins – Will Corona continue in 2021?!?

COVID19 Lockdown

Karnataka Lockdown Begins – Will Corona continue in 2021?!? Lockdown at night has been announced in Karnataka between 10 PM to 6 AM to control the spread the new Corona mutant commonly known amongst youngsters as Corona pro max. The lockdown will continue for 9 days from Dec 23rd to January 2nd 2021. However, milk, vegetables and medical transportation will remain normal ensuring no shortage of essentials to people. Buses from other states, city buses within state and metro trains have been restricted during lockdown hours. Total of 2800 passengers…

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Whatsapp most awaited ‘Payment Feature’ is Live – !!!!Warning!!!!

Payments wahtsapp

Ya ho !! Money transfer made possible in the most simplest possible way. Whatsapp had thought and brought an ALL-IN-ONE solution addition to the most widely used app across the country. This will definitely eradicate a choice or need for a separate app for money transfer like Google Pay. We will see how it works. Step 1 – Update your Whatsapp from Google Playstore to latest version. Step 2 – Click on the top right corner 3 dots … Step 3 – Select the ‘Payments’ option Step 4 – Click on…

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