10 Tips to survive from Summer season!! – Check it out!

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10 Tips to survive from Summer season!! The Summer season begins so the people want to survive from the heat of the Sun. Here are some tips to survive yourself from the Upcoming this Summer season. During the Summertime the Human body will get quickly hydrated. So, please follow these instructions below to survive from this Heat. Stay in Shade: Mostly, Avoid the Direct Sunlight and be in the shade. This will protect you from the Dehydration and from the tiredness. If you were under Sunlight directly you will get too…

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Flipkart and Amazon Offers!! – Real me, Nokia, One Plus

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Amazon and Flipkart have started their sales for this year. The Flipkart has announced the “Republic day sales” and Amazon announced “Great Indian Sale” from January 20th to 22nd. The Flipkart has slashed the prices for, especially electronic gadgets. This sale will be cool on for who looking to change their smartphones and electronic appliances. The Flipkart and Amazon have started the sale on Same dates so you can buy your products which you desire. The Amazon’s prices are not that much good as Flipkart. Recently, Flipkart has sold their shares…

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