What’s new in the hyundai santro??? – check it out!!

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The Hyundai has launched a new Santro 2018 in India starting price of 3.89 lakhs. The santro has been released in five variants for the petrol variants and then the santro has two types that are petrol version and then CNG version. The petrol, CNG variant has a manual variant and the automatic variant they get two variants in it each. This new car comes with a petrol manual variant price starts from 3.89-5.45 lakhs. the AMT variant starts from the 5.14-5.46 lakhs. The new Santro 2018 CNG variant price starts from 5.23-5.64 lakhs. This…

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WWE star Roman reigns is suffering from what???

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The roman reigns wrestler in the world wrestling entertainment. On, Monday night the WWE raw superstar has said that he is battling against the leukaemia. Roman reigns he is a  33-year old wrestling man has announced emotionally that he would relive from the wrestling and fight in the new battle called leukemia. he relinquishing his universal championship. Already, he was affected from this at the age of 22 but it reappeared in over a decade. He’s giving his title by forcing of the luekamia. he said that his real name is “joe and he was…

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