Comparison between One Plus 6 and One Plus 6T

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The one plus is the mobile manufacturer which is giving an awesome flagship phone at reasonable costs. The One plus will make a worthy product for the money. They will give awesome specifications and software in their budget. the one plus has also released the new product and a few months later they will be releasing the T-gration phones. Likewise, they released a new phone has released yesterday called one plus 6T. Already, the new one plus 6 has a very good response from the users. Yesterday, the new phone which is…

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World’s tallest statue!!! – Sardar vallabai patel

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Today the world’s tallest statue is opened for the iron man’s 143rd birthday!! Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s (iron man) 143rd birthday today.  Due to that, his statue is opened in the banks of Narmada, Gujarat. Sardar vallabhai Patel is called an iron man of India. He is a freedom fighter and also he is the first Home affairs minister of India. For the manufacture of this statue, steels have come from various states in India. This statue is designed by the Padma Bhushan award receiver Ram V  Sudar and Larsen & Toubro. This…

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10 Mistakes that are killing your phone!!!

Don't plug the charger point blindly before going to sleep. This will lead to the disconnection of power and then this will be cut off the lifespan of your charger

10 Mistakes that are killing your phone!!! – Plugging in it mobile Carefully: Don’t plug the charger point blindly before going to sleep. This will lead to the disconnection of power and then this will be cut off the lifespan of your charger and also for mobile. There will high chances to occur of the electrical shot. So, be slowly and see the socket area and plug the charger into the mobile. Don’t leave the phone under sunlight: If you place your mobile under the direct sunlight or near the…

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Oneplus 6T launched – price,specification,features!!

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The one plus has a huge market in India. They are gradually increasing their shares and market of their smartphones in the Indian market. so, they latest released smartphone is oneplus6. Already, all the models of one plus will get an updated version of the existing model and then they will name it as a model name. likewise, this one plus 6 also get an update version Oneplus 6T has been launched yesterday. This Oneplus 6T will have some of the major upgrades in the software and remains in same in the hardware as…

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Dhilluku dhuddu 2 teaser – Watch out!!!

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Dhilluku dhuddu 2 teaser – The Dhilluku dhuddu is a film which is starred by the Santhanam and directed by Director Ram Bala. This film is released and it’s a comedy based horror film. This film is produced by Sri thenandal films. This film has many star casts like Anchal Singh, Anand Babu, Karunas, Motta Rajendran, and etc…. Dilluku Dhuddu 2 Teaser 02 – Official: This film was a commercial based horror film which is released in 2016. It attracts all the B, C centre audiences with a horror comedy. This film was…

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Indonesia plane crashed into the sea!!!!

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JAKARTA: Lion Air Passenger flight an Indonesia plane with 189 passengers has been crashed into the sea on Monday morning at 6.30. Indonesia has started searching by their rescue team. The flight took off from the Jakarta to pangkal Pinang which is in off of the island of Sumatra. This plane has been crashed into the sea in minutes later after take off. The Official transport of Indonesia has not confirmed any reason for the Indonesia plane crash and then they are searching for the black boxes of the plane. The also…

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India vs West indies 3rd ODI – live score

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The currently India vs West Indies 3rd ODI match has been started and then India won the toss and chose to bowl first. Already the 2 matches are finished. This is the last ODI for this season. so, the fans are excited and watchii=ng the match. India has already won in 1 match and then another one is tied. so, let’s see who will win this ODI series. if India wins today’s match they will the series. but, the West Indies wins the series will be tied. This match was held on Maharashtra cricket stadium. As…

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Sarkar cases – Case list aganist Sarkar!!!

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Sarkar cases – The Rajendran has stated has that his film story was stolen by director A.R Murugadoss. The “Sarkar” movie story was stolen the story “sengol” which was written and submitted by the Writer Rajendran. The most awaiting film for this Deepavali is “Sarkar” this film was starred by the Actor Vijay and then this film was directed by the A.R Murugadoss. Recently, this film’s teaser was released and excited the Vijay fans and then also Tamil Audience. This film’s music director was A R Rahman. The film is set…

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Check the Metoo accused list in India!!!

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Metoo accused list – The Metoo allegation issue was taken to the social media and it was ruling the media’s over the past couple of weeks. India has facing new metoo issues from all of the fields. Including the political, and the media fields also. There are many allegations are been faced!! Some of the allegations are coming from the Young journalists like Sandhya Menon, Anoo Bhuyan, writer-comic Mahima Kukreja, singer Chinmayi Sripaada. Ever since the Actor Tanushree Dutta has reported that she was alleged by the Nana Patekar while filming the “Horn Ok ” by…

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Here, Metoo enters into Google!

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Google is serious about the allegations of Sexual Harassment and misconduct. Who performed allegation can be intimate by an internal memo sent for the employees on Thursday and obtained. As many people have been fired out from the google. Past two years there are 48 people’s are fired. In that 48 people, there are 13 people were senior managers. As Pichai said that, there will be severe action will be taken upon these allegations. They don’t receive any Exit packages. They will simply write the memo and that one will be…

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