100’s of arrested in sabarimala protest!!

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100’s of arrested in Sabarimala protest!!

The Sabarimala protest devotees, who shocked police by assembling suddenly at the spot despite the heavy security deployment, were asked to disperse but remained adamant. There was a heated argument between the superintendent of police Yatish Chandra and the devotees, which led to a minor scuffle.

A tensed situation on the hilltop Sabarimala shrine late on Sunday night as over 100 Ayyappa devotees suddenly gathered to chant hymns outside the temple. After an hour-long stand-off, they were taken into custody and being brought downhill to the base camp by the Kerala police.

When police tried to arrest four of the organizers, the protesters blocked, saying they can’t be arrested for chanting ‘Swami saranam’. Police put down, into arresting the whole crowd-like situation. As the protester’s drama continued, they hymn-chanting devotees finally agreed to arrest. Superintendent of police Pradeesh Kumar said the protesters were taken into custody for behaving prohibitory orders by gathering of four or more people.

“We gave them enough time to disperse the crowd, but they refused. It is our duty to obey law and order,” he said. Devotees said that some of them were injured during the Sabarimala protest, but the police denied them to do treatment.

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The arrested protesters, who were initially taken to the police post near the temple of Sabarimala, were being taken to base camp under the heavy security. This incident came to the knowledge of Union tourism minister KJ Alphons’ visit to Pambha, one of the base camps of the temple, to see the arrangements. “There are many complaints that devotees are facing many numbers of problems due to heavy security and other restrictions,”.

He said today, Earlier on Sunday, an uneasy calm victory at Lord Ayyappa Swamy shrine on the second day of the 64-day annual pilgrimage season but many parts of the state witnessed protests against the arrest of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) state general secretary K Sudhakaran,  The party observed Sunday as a Sabarimala protest day, taking out rallies and hymn-chanting crowds at many places.

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