10 Things about Jawa bikes before you buy!!

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Jawa bikes are once the top of the table in motorcycles department around worldwide. Now, Mahindra and Mahindra’s subsidiary company called classic legends has legally licensed and deal with the Jawa motors and British company BSA in India. The classic legends are launched the new modern Jawa motorcycles. On November 15, 2018, the Jawa has launched 2 versions of motorcycles in India. The Jawa and Jawa 42 models have been launched in the 300cc segment. Here are the ten things you should know about this Jawa motorcycles.

10 Things about Jawa bikes before you buy!!

Jawa a Mahindra product:

This is actually a Czech brand company, which are delivered the motorcycles in 70’s India. Now, this Jawa brand has been bought and maintained by the Mahindra’s subsidiary company classic legends. About, the earlier year there was a rumored Mahindra will launch the two-two wheelers. but, they launched this year. This year Jawa bikes have a similar engine replaced by the Mahindra Mojo bike.

The Mahindra Mojo has the main advantage in the engine. The engine has the 295cc engine which produces the power of 22.7 bhp @ 7500 rpm and torque of 25.2 Nm @ 5500 rpm. This type of engine is used in modern Jawa motorcycles with the new skin of twin exhaust design.

Mojo based?

Mahindra Mojo is an average motorcycle in 200-300 cc segment bikes. It’s doesn’t contain any special features and it has good engine replacement and some good amount of torque. This bike has performed an average manner. The classic legends are also bought the British brand BSA company which is a famous manufacturer of Tee-shirts. The classic legends are planned to be launch something with the brand of BSA also.

Jawa bikes are also placed a similar specification engine as Mojo. The Jawa has a new look by having with the twin-engine for the affordable costs.

Not Mojo based:

That said, We can also say that this engine is the Mojo engine with a new skin. First, there is a small difference in this engine displacement which means the bore and stroke are different. I would assume that the engine is actually under square or has a longer stroke compared to the bore versus the Mojo engine. That combines new-rods and pistons at the very least. Above that is a four-valve head with twin exhaust ports and twin exhausts which is there in Mojo. But operating the valves is a new DOHC configuration technology.

What type of engine?

Many asked the twin pipes about on the engine. But yes, single cylinders with multiple two exhaust systems. This format isn’t preferred today because it only adds the extra weight to the bike. Strategically, the twin 300 makes no sense for India. You can also see the sales figures for the Kawasaki Ninjas 300 (CKD) and Ninja 400 (imported).


Just look at the fins on the engine. There is no way to release the heat in such a small surface area can produce effective air- or air-/oil-cooling for an engine this size. So definitely, this will be a liquid cooled one.


Classic Legends have planned to have the motorcycle on sale before the year is out but has not actually confirmed a date. I would be expected on sale by the end of November.

BSA products use this too?

We don’t have confirmation. Head of classic legends said that while a 300 feels like the right strategy for India, it might not be for the international markets that BSA will target. Could it power a BSA 300? Yes. Will it? That’s a strategy call that Classic Legends isn’t discussed publicly.


Classic Legends will have, almost 100 dealers at the launch of the Jawa 300 in India. Joshi (head of classic legends) says the response from the dealer community has been warm and they’ve enough the time to confirm a lot more dealers than they expected. More, naturally, will join the more network in time. To book the Jawa motorcycles.

Jawa versus RE:

Naturally, these comparisons will be made and more than a few people will find themselves to chose the modernized Royal Enfield 350 s and the retro-ised Jawa 300. The Classic 350 and the Jawa bikes 300 will be in the same mold, obviously.

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