Who will die in Avengers Infinity War?

The end simply refers to the end of some superheroes – at least, it is going to be the end of big ones like Iron-man or Captain America. Or maybe the whole thing of the vintage defends that first came together in the Avengers. Thanos is extra powerful than any other character in Marvel Cinematic Universe even without a single Infinity Stone. When he gets all the infinity stones, he will be unstoppable. So who will die in the Avengers Infinity War? Here are some probable characters who may meet their end in the hands of Thanos or his Black Order.

Avengers Infinity War

Captain America: The kid who might constantly get up to the bullies can also die in Infinity war. The trailer shows that Captain America and Thanos were fighting. That fight may be the last fight for Captain America.

Avengers Infinity War

Iron-Man: Iron-man may die in the Infinity war. In the climax of Captain America: Civil War, Iron-man was defeated by Captain America. This fight made them close. So, Tony Stark may join the fight which is happened between Steve and Thanos. And Tony supports Steve. Finally, Iron-man sacrifices his life for saving Captain America.

avengers infinity war

Loki: The Trickster has had a stormy adventure in MCU. He was the villain of The Avengers. I think Loki will die for this time. He died many times and came back with a surprise, but this time, Loki will possibly sacrifice himself to save Thor or Asgardians.

avengers infinity war

Vision: Vision is the character who’s most probably to die in Avengers Infinity War. The mind Stone is the main part of his body. Without this stone, he can’t live. And Thanos get it from Vision and put that infinity stone in his gauntlet with a silly smile.

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