Welcome Back to Jallikattu in TamilNadu


Jallikattu in Chennai :

For the Chennai youth who won the victory in the culmination of the return of the world to the unity and heroic game of Jallikattu, the Pongal Gift is going to be held this year in Chennai.

The jolly crystalline, manchu rush, climbing maze, the bull’s sporting game is one that mingles with the feelings of the Tamils. There is a sculpture in any town, where a young man with a cow’s cage is sculptured.


Without the greatness of this heroic game with the richness and culture of the game, the peta system was the result of which young people got up and proved their power.

With the struggles of men, women, children, discrimination, family and children in small towns starting from Chennai, the Vadai gate was closed for three years, This is a separate emergency law passed, a historic pride.

This was a demonstration of the anger and favor of all people in the minds of the people, almost 20 to 25 years, although the struggle for the Jallikattu. The problem of Cauvery dispersed the issues of peasants’ problems till the ‘Pepsi-Coke’ ban.

It took a lot of political events to take place around us. Politics is not just standing in the election; If a tree in the street was blocked, it was also a politician.


In the power of the regime, The federal government looked back. Speaking on January 21, 2017, at the concluding ceremony of Dr. P.Rajasekaran, president of the Tamilnadu Jallikattu council, state president, Will be run, “he declared. According to that announcement, the Jallikattu is to be held this year.


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