Vaiko scolded Prime Minister Narendra Modi

vaiko vs modi

MDMK leader Vaiko gave a mass speech to PM Narendra Modi that India has never seen such a namby-pamby Prime Minister like Modi. And Vaiko also said that Modi is a coward. He also lambasted the decision to have the Prime Minister coming to Chennai to the location of two events — the Defence Expo and at IIT Madras in Chennai on Thursday (12, Apr 2018).

The MDMK leader Vaiko and all the opposition parties were set the road filled with black flags where the PM walked during the visit. Vaiko also said to Modi, “come and walk through this way if you dare”.

vaiko vs modi

All the black flags bear the image of a tiger, fish and bow and arrow. It signifies the rule of the Pandyan, Cholan, and Cheran Kings.

It is simple to disregard Vaiko as a paper tiger. His celebration money owed for next to not anything in the electoral panorama of Tamil Nadu, coming to a cropper inside the last elections. But the manner in which Modi is accused of lack of sincerity at the Cauvery problem is a pointer to the course in which the narrative is being spun. Extra so when the man on the street, too, is satisfied that given its political hobbies in Karnataka, Modi has reasons to aid the cause of the top riparian kingdom and postpone the formation of the Cauvery Water Management Board.

It’s also easy to dismiss the black flag protests at exceptional locations throughout Chennai as politically stimulated. You can also ignore the black balloons launched in the sky just when Narendra Modi reached Chennai airport because of the handiwork of fringe businesses. However what they do is to underline the sentiment that the Centre has been less than fair to Tamil Nadu.

Vaiko speech about Narendra Modi:


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