Tomb Raider – Movie Review 2018

tomb raider

In the movie Tomb Raider, Lara Croft (Alicia Vikander) starts off as a motorbike courier in London. Her father, Richard Croft (Dominic West), was missing seven years ago and has been declared dead, yet Lara refuses to believe that. Then she comes across her father’s secret office. There she finds a pre-recorded message from Richard detailing his research into Himiko, the legendary Queen of Yamatai who changed into said to command the energy over life and death. Richard warns Lara to destroy all of his studies & researches but Lara makes a decision to investigate further.

tomb raider

So, off she goes to Hong Kong, where she hires a ship owned by drunken sailor Lu Ren (Daniel Wu) to take her to the island. The ship capsizes in a violent storm and Lara has washed ashore in where she is unknowingly knocked unconscious by a Trinity soldier. She is revived by Mathias Vogel, the leader of a day trip to locate Himiko’s tomb that has been funded by the shadowy Trinity employer in an attempt to harness and weaponize Himiko’s power. Vogel takes Lara prisoner, revealing that he killed her father and intends to use her research to hold his day trip. Lara escapes with the help of Lu Ren. Then she decided to take revenge on Vogel for killing her father.

tomb raider

The choice to take Lara back to the start is an interesting one. It allows Vikander to stamp her very own mark on the person without the strain of being in comparison to Jolie’s model. For the most part, she manages to strike a respectable stability among the naivety of a first-time adventurer and the swaggering self-assurance we’ve come to count on of Lara Croft.

This is a video game movie that doesn’t really feel like a video game movie. This is a decent action movie with a tough, loveable heroine and more than its fair share of interesting sequences.

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